New Lock Installation, Master Keys & More

Change-locks Atlanta GA

Want to install new locks in your house? Having a Master Key for your entire house is extremely useful and efficiently safe.

Call our local Atlanta Residential Locksmiths to discuss your residential locksmith needs. We will make sure to have the best suited quote for you in no time.

Our Technicians have fast response and are dispatched immediately to your location. Our Techs are trained, licensed and insured to get you back in to your home without damaging your door.

Rekeying Your House Locks

Need to rekey your house locks?

Lock-Rekeying Atlanta GA

Our locksmiths are experts in rekeying your locks, if you have moved into a new house and want to change the locks, you might just dont have to replace them.

Locks Rekeying is a special process where our professional locksmiths will give you a new set of keys that fit your current house locks after rekeying them. That way you won’t have to change the locks and the old keys will not work anymore!

Give our local Atlanta experts a call and get your special quote today!

Safe Unlocking

safe-unlocking All Pro Locksmith

Need to unlock your safe? Forgot the special combination to your safe and need to unlock it?

Give us a call and we will try our best depending on your safes special model we might be able to unlock your safe.

Call your local special safe locksmith in Atlanta GA to get a quote!

Smart Key Duplication

Smart Key Programming in Atlanta GA

car-keys Atlanta GA

We can duplicate or make you a new smart key for typically every type of vehicles make & model. Our prices are compatible and definitely will be less than your car dealership.

We have fast response and we can duplicate your vehicles key quickly and on your location on the spot.

Our Locksmiths have the right tools to duplicate your current key or make you a new one.

It is also possible to programming a smart key you already have, not all smart keys are programmable. Give us a call and our local expert locksmith in Atlanta GA will be happy to check that for you or program you a new smart key on the spot.

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